BVG Life Sciences Limited offers DNA and PCR based genotype analysis for dairy animals like cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat etc.

We extend the following genomic services that are innovative, affordable and provide commercial applications in dairy business. We also provide these services which help in organizing and managing the dairy farms.

       1. A1A2 Detection of animals

A1/A2 testing confirms the genetic makeup of individual animals – female or male, young or old. Farmers interested in developing herds for human health benefits should focus on selecting the cows having A2 genotype. A2 beta-casein associated milk is known as A2 milk. 


      2.Milk Yield capacity prediction of cattle and Fat percent prediction

Milk yield (MY) and fat percentage in dairy cattle is governed both by genetic and environmental factors. MY and fat percentage are very important criteria taken into consideration when any milk producing animal is purchased or used for breeding.