About R & D

BVG Life Sciences Limited R&D unit has been involved in the research, development, and commercialization of herbal health products conceptualized based on the Indian traditional Medicinal system integrating with modern scientific techniques.

Research at BVGLS (What we do)

BVGLSL has a world-class in-house R&D unit which is established to achieve the motto ‘Inspired by Nature and Proven by Science’. It is always believed that R&D is the brain and backbone of life science-based companies. In the era of increasing quality and efficacy consciousness amongst consumers and market competition, we believe that we need to further strengthen the existing acquaintance using an innovative approach along with new developments.

We are involved in multifarious activities relating to research in the field of traditional medicine, herbal pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, phytochemicals, and agriculture. We make sure that the inventive accomplishments are results of a combination of existing knowledge and modern science and technology tactics. Through the integrative approach we try to sustain the efficacy and safety without diluting the classical principles by keeping a holistic approach on the priority.

The R&D team is also continuously engaged in developing innocuous and natural products and technologies for animals and agriculture use.

R&D capabilities

BVGLSL R&D lab is well equipped to carry out modern research in various areas of life sciences. We follow the standard guidelines and protocols for all the scientific studies.

Our Achivements

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Our Collaborations

We have collaborations with National and International Research Institutions and Academic Institutions working in Pharmaceutical, Cosmeceutical, Life Sciences, Agriculture, Medicinal Plants, Herbal product development, Ayurveda, Drug Discovery and many others.

Through these alliances we aim to build the research network, share best practices, develop new products and projects conduct evidence based scientific studies. Some of our collaborative institutions are mentioned below